Chicago Corner is 99 Perspectives’ hyperlocal brand: These shows focus on Chicago politics, news, civic engagement, arts, and events. In addition to our regular shows, the Chicago Corner channel also features exclusive interviews with local politicians, artists, activists, and businesspeople.

Fear and Loathing in the Windy City

Join Jose and Gunner as they dive into Chicago politics, activism, and civic life during this time. Sometimes focused on educating on history and ideas, sometimes musing on conspiracy theories in the city, all to understand the machinations of our society and how to improve upon it.

Civically Minded Chicago

Lainie takes her commitment to the commons and civic engagement and focuses on Chicago. She reports on local news, businesses, and events with an eye toward keeping Chicago residents informed about politics, the arts, and the regulatory policies that impact our day-to-day lives.
Both shows stream live on our YouTube channel.